27 Amazing Windows 10 Performance Boosting Tips: Fall 2019 Edition: A Complete Visual Guide For Beginners, Intermediates & Experts

CONSIDER YOURSELF A BEGINNER? NO PROBLEM! THIS IS A COMPLETELY VISUAL STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE!Young or Old. Big or Small. Experienced Or Not. Craig rarely creates something that requires a deep understanding of the subject to learn it. For this reason, among others, Craig created this step-by-step visual guide for users of any background. The contents of each section in this book clearly illustrate all of the topics with step by step photos and instructions.CONSIDER YOURSELF AN EXPERT? NO PROBLEM! THIS IS A GREAT REFERENCE!Even though you might already know many of the tips, this book is an excellent reference for professionals who need a quick reference on their shelf. This can be extremely useful for those of you who are trying to keep up with the small user interface modifications of each OS release.HAVE PEACE OF MIND WITH RISK ANALYSIS AND RECOVERY INSTRUCTIONS!Each section of the book covers the potential risks associated with each tip. If you are uncomfortable taking the risk you can simply skip the step! If the worst-case scenario happens and you need to reset Windows 10, you can do so by following the Reset & Recovery section of the book!INDEPENDENTLY SELF-PUBLISHED:Craig The Tech Teacher is an individual publisher who creates each and every book from scratch. The ultimate goal of every book is to create a low-cost, simple, clear, and easy to follow guide anyone can use. DON’T HESITATE TO REACH OUT TO CRAIG:Have questions or concerns? Do not hesitate to reach out to Craig The Tech Teacher directly through his website. You can get in touch with him quickly by doing a simple Google search for "Craig The Tech Teacher".WHAT THIS BOOK COVERS:SECTION 1: UPDATE AND BACKUP1.1 - Update Windows Using Windows Update1.2 - Backup The Windows 10 Registry1.3 - Backup Critical System Files1.4 - Create A Windows Recovery ImageSECTION 2: PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION2.1 - Identify And Remove Slow Antivirus Software2.2 - Identify And Install Fast Antivirus Software2.3 - Remove Viruses And Other Malicious Software (Malware)2.4 - Install A Fast Web Browser2.5 - Identify And Remove Unnecessary Programs (Bloatware)2.6 - Identify And Remove Unnecessary Startup Items2.7 - Remove Junk And Unnecessary Files2.8 - Free Up Windows 10 Disk Space2.9 - Verify And Clean The File System2.10 - Implement Custom And Personalized Search Or Disable Indexing2.11 - Disable Non-Essential Visual Effects2.12 - Properly Set Or Disable The Paging File2.13 - Repair And Optimize The Hard Drive2.14 - Clean And Defragment The Registry2.15 - Properly Balance The Power Settings2.16 - Optimize The Desktop Background Image2.17 - Maximize File Manager Thumbnail Performance2.18 - Set Windows Update Active Hours And Defer Feature Or Quality Updates2.19 - Automatically Login To Windows2.20 - Unlink And Close OneDrive Cloud Sync2.21 - Disable Windows Tips And Tricks2.22 - Disable Graphical User Interface Boot On Startup2.23 - Leverage Write Caching To Improve Hard Drive Speeds2.24 - Leverage Core Parking For Maximum System Performance2.25 - Leverage Multiple Core CPUs For Startup And Thread Priority2.26 - Upgrade System Memory (RAM)2.27 - Upgrade The Hard DriveSECTION 3: RESET AND RECOVERY3.1 - Recover Windows 10 Restore Points3.2 - Reset The Windows 10 Operating System3.3 - Restore A Windows Image Backup

Author: Craig Chamberlin

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