Beginning Windows 10 With Anniversary Update

The book delivers more than what you pay for it! Yes, this book is not a 30 or 50 pages jest to grab your money. It is a serious endeavor for those who are keen to get in-depth knowledge about Windows 10. As usual, in this book I'm sharing my personal learning experience that I got by installing and exploring Windows 10 on my devices. From A to Z, it covers all significant aspects of the operating system, including the latest Anniversary Updates. The chapters in this book are organized alphabetically according to Windows 10's features. Packed with illustrations and concrete details, this book contains everything that you need to know as a beginner. If you are looking for a book to master Windows 10 in a short span, then the book you are looking at is your best bet. It is rolled out with the intention to return you more than the hard-earned money you spend on it.

Author: Riaz Ahmed

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