Certification Prep Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

The Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 certification preparation guide will help prepare the user to take the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 certification exam. It provides step-by-step instruction for the features and commands covered on the certification exam and can be completed in approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. Certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist demonstrates an aptitude with Microsoft Office software.  Prepares the user for certification tests without expensive test-prep software.Focuses on hands-on use of tools and completion of skills; users learn and apply the skills, not just learn how to complete the testIntegrates as a supplement to existing classroom activities; minimal class time requiredRequires no prior knowledge or use of the software; starts with basic skills and builds to advanced skillsTeaches the user to work with the software to complete project-based learningProvides a simulation of the certification exam

Author: D. Michael Ploor

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