Create Electronic Presentations (Power Point 2016): Becoming Competent (TILDE skills)

Create Electronic Presentations – Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 contributes directly to achieving the unit of competency Create electronic presentations in the Business Services Training Package.This book would be of interest to anyone wanting to acquire electronic presentation skills.Key features of this book include: exploring the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 environment; preparing, creating, running and finalizing an electronic presentation which is engaging and balanced; presenting advanced features including slide masters, charts, organizational charts, slide transitions, object animations, importing text, custom shows and packaging a presentation onto a CD;  providing 51 hands-on exercises, 6 consolidation tasks, 3 Skills challenges and 7 Assessment tasks; plus supplying additional appendix material on shortcut keys, customizing the Quick Access Toolbar & Help.The Tilde skills series is suitable for classroom and self-paced courses, as well as distance and fee-for-service education. It makes no assumptions about prior student knowledge.

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