Exam AZ-100 Study & Lab Guide: Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment

SummaryAzure provides Virtual Datacenter in the Cloud. In Azure cloud you get managed resources which don’t require skilled manpower for deployment. You can scale up or scale down resources in Virtual Datacenter on demand. You pay for what you use. Whereas on-premises Datacenter requires lot of skilled resources, time and money for deployment and management. Exam AZ-100 Study & lab Guide: Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment prepares you for both Exam AZ-100 Certification and implementing & Administering Virtual Datacenter in Azure Cloud. Coverage includes Topic lessons & Lab Exercises. Students will create a Hybrid Topology as they progress through Chapter labs. Whether you want to get certified or want hands on experience in deploying and Administering Virtual Datacenter in Azure Cloud, this Study & Lab Guide will help you achieve your objective. AuthorHarinder Kohli is a Cloud and Virtual Data Center ArchitectDownload TOC, Topologies & Sample Chapter https://app.box.com/s/dxprgdapyigrdwq14ieabmzyefsmppuvTable of ContentsVirtual NetworksImplementing Virtual Networks with CLI & PS Deploy and Manage Virtual Machines (VMs)Deploy Virtual Machines with CLI and PSDeploy Virtual Machines Scale Sets (VMSS)Implement and Manage Storage AccountsStorage Accounts with CLI and PS Implement and Manage Storage Implement Storage with CLI and PowerShell Implement Azure Backup Implementing and Managing Azure AD Implementing Azure AD Hybrid Identities Azure Subscription Management Azure Resource Groups, Tags and Locks Analyzing & Monitoring Azure Resources Azure AutomationAzure Resource Manager (ARM) Template Installing Azure PowerShell Module & Azure CLI

Author: Harinder Kohli

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