Excel University Volume 4 – Featuring Excel 2016 for Windows: Microsoft Excel Training for CPAs and Accounting Professionals

The fourth installment in the Excel University series covers the Excel features, functions, and techniques that will help you build reliable workpapers. The first part of this volume explores a variety of useful features, including outlines and protection. We discover that formatting choices impact productivity and learn how to use accounting underlines and custom number formats. We also use hyperlinks to help organize our digital files. The second part examines numerous functions that help make our workbooks efficient to maintain and update each period. Our examination includes lookup functions, text functions, date functions, and alternatives to the IF function. The third part discusses several techniques that combine multiple features and functions. We revisit topics presented in prior volumes in more depth, including conditional formatting, names, wildcards, and tables. The fourth part applies what we know to common accounting and finance tasks. We streamline our journal entries, budgets, and a variety of other common workpapers. The items covered in this volume will help improve your productivity so you can get your work done faster!

Author: Jeff Lenning CPA

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