Formatting Legal Documents With Microsoft Word 2016: Tips and Tricks for Working With Pleadings, Contracts, Mailings, and Other Complex Documents

This book provides instructions - including many brand-new tutorials - for formatting pleadings, contracts, and other complex documents with Word 2016. The author, an experienced and highly regarded software trainer with an extensive legal word processing background, takes an in-depth look at Word's "logic," the key to successful formatting and troubleshooting. To help make Word more user-friendly, she explains how to change the default font and paragraph settings, customize the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar, and use time-saving features like keyboard shortcuts, field codes, and Quick Parts. She demystifies everyday features such as line spacing, before and after spacing, headers and footers, page numbering, and automatic paragraph numbering. In addition, she focuses on legal-specific tasks: aligning text with pleading line numbers; creating, generating, and troubleshooting a Table of Contents and a Table of Authorities; using Track Changes; and comparing documents (redlining). Finally, she touches on the issues of metadata removal, document corruption, and file conversions. The book is filled with pragmatic tips, shortcuts, troubleshooting advice, and workarounds.

Author: Jan Berinstein Ph.D.

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