Getting StartED with Windows 7

Windows 7 is the best release of Windows yet. It's easier to use, more fun, and is a worthwhile jump from Windows XP and Windows Vista. Getting Started with Windows 7 is written for new and experienced computer users alike:   ·         Provides an easy-to-read style and tone without overwhelming technical jargon; ·         Walks through common and uncommon tasks with step-by-step procedures, including over 300 screen shots and figures; ·         Includes ExplainED, AdvancED, and LinkED tips for additional explanations, handy tips, and related information; ·         Explains how to protect yourself and your computer with User Accounts, Security, Backup and Recovery, and good practices; ·         Helps you move from earlier versions of Windows to Windows 7, by exploring the improved navigation and desktop, personalization features, and easy migration from an older computer using the Windows Easy Transfer; ·         Explains how to set up your own Home Network to share files, storage, printers, and Internet access between Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista computers; connect Windows 7 computers with each other using HomeGroup.   Learn and use Windows 7 with confidence. These chapters will get you up and running in no time:   Chapter 1 Navigating Windows 7 Chapter 2 Managing User Accounts Chapter 3 Working with Files and Folders Chapter 4 Personalizing Windows Chapter 5 Fixing Problems from A to Ctrl+Z Chapter 6 Protecting Your Data Chapter 7 Creating a Home Network Chapter 8 Using Windows 7 Programs Chapter 9 Safeguarding Your Computer Chapter 10 Moving Files and Settings to Your Windows 7 Computer   If you've made the jump from Windows XP or Vista, or you are considering it, Getting Started with Windows 7 is your guide to success with Windows.  

Author: Joseph Moran

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