Getting Started with Windows 8 Apps: A Guide to the Windows Runtime

Get a head start on building apps for Windows 8. With a series of examples, this hands-on guide takes you through the process of creating complete touch-enabled apps that respond to native sensors. Through the course of the book, you’ll learn how to work with the Windows Runtime application model while building a Bing Image Search app.If you’re an experienced .NET developer who wants to get up to speed with Windows 8, this book provides the expertise and C# code samples you need.Get a high-level overview of Windows 8 features—from the Start Screen to in-app features such as the Application BarBegin by building a simple app to retrieve Bing image search results from a web serviceLearn about the components needed to complete the app, including UI design, the MVVM architectural pattern, and “tombstoning”Take advantage of native OS features such as tiles, file pickers, and sharing requestsExamine the steps necessary to publish an app to the Windows Store

Author: Ben Dewey

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