HELP!  I need to install/reinstall Microsoft Windows 10: Yes, beginners can do it too

HELP! I'm lost. From beginning to end. How do I get the stuff I need to reinstall Microsoft Windows 10 version/build (whatever) to fix my setup? I don't have the installation CD, my computer didn't come with them. How do I start my setup, or otherwise prepare/repair it? How do I answer the questions presented during setup? I just want to get it done... that's all. No worries. Presented here is exactly that, from the point of an absolute beginner ending with that of quasi-novice, in about 100 pages. Set aside a few hours, or a day, and spare, perhaps, a year [or longer] - but at least much money now. Your patience shall translate to money saved. Who knows, you may pick-up skills to earn a bit yourself too. Absolutely NO unnecessary extra programs involved ... One need ONLY Microsoft Windows (in and of itself) and absolutely nothing else. This is my first book [albeit a manual] that explains how to do - with what you've got in as simplistic and straight forward as a person can get - those tasks to do exactly that. How do I restore the source and go from there? Many answers are answered here whilst providing guidance for your future Microsoft Windows-based endeavors.

Author: Emm Ell

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