How To Set Up a Home Network With Windows 7: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Up a Home Network With Windows 7

If you want to save money paying a computer technician to set up your home network, learn how to do it your own way; check this " How To Set Up a Home Network With Windows 7" guide. In this step-by-step guide, you will be taught the following: - Understand home networks and the reasons for building it. - Learn the hardware requirements to build a network. - Learn the requirements to set up the internet connection. - Get tips on which connection best fits your needs as to dial up or wireless. - Discover what you need to set up sharing your internet connection. - Get useful tips on selecting network technology. - Learn how to change TCP/IP settings. - Learn how to set up your modem and router appropriately. - Make use of the homegroup - Learn how to share folders,files and printers. - Make use of the Workgroup. -And much more. Click "Buy Now" to get it now!

Author: HowExpert Press

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