How To Use Microsoft PowerPoint 2010: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

If you want to learn how to use Microsoft Powerpoint, then get the "How To Use Microsoft Powerpoint 2010" guide. This guide will help you to create presentations using Microsoft Powerpoint 2010. By studying this guide, you can learn how to make high-tech and professional looking presentations in a short period of time. This guide offers the following significant advantages to its readers: - This guide will help you in the use of standard and built-in presentation themes. You can also learn how to create your own themes. - You will learn presentation creation from scratch, including media-rich and featured presentations. - Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 offers nine different types of slide layout options; the guide will direct you in choosing a specific type of layout for each slide. - PowerPoint 2010 will teach you how to insert text and data to outline your presentation slides. - You will also learn to insert the various kinds of illustrations, like shapes, charts, tables, etc. to organize the presentation contents and hence make it convey more to the audience. - The guide will also help you to change the look and formatting of your presentation by employing a simple step-by-step process. - You will also learn how hyperlinks are created among different kinds of file types. - Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 offers tools to print the outline, speaker notes and handouts for the audience. You can learn the printing of all the aforementioned presentation contents in a handy way. - Finally, you can also learn to protect your presentation with the password to deny unauthorized access. The guide is divided into different chapters having comprehensive details of different tools, features and functions of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. It will certainly be a a beneficial service package for those who want to learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and make use of it in their practical and professional life. Click “Buy Now” to get it now!

Author: HowExpert Press

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