Insider’s Guide to Microsoft Word 2013

This book contains step-by-step instructions with illustrations to help you learn Microsoft Word from a college professor, using real-world examples and easy to understand terms. I have taught IT courses for nearly 20 years at the college level. I truly believe that there isn't anybody that I cannot teach as long as they want to learn. I have crafted these explanations and examples over my career in order to make learning as easy as possible. This book begins with the basics including how to create a new MS Word document, how to save a document and so forth. It covers all of the important tools such as The Ribbon and teaches you how to add and delete text, change the text and so forth. It covers some of the more advanced commands such as copy and pasting, adding tables and charts. This book includes a section for properly writing research papers including how to format the papers. The final section covers creating a strong resume and cover letter as well as doing online job searches. I firmly believe that this book can help prepare anybody for an office job using MS Word. Best of Luck!!!- Prof West

Author: Brian West

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