Learn Windows 10 in 1 Quick Week. Beginner to Pro.: The Ultimate User Guide for Learning Windows 10 Visually!

THE ULTIMATE USER GUIDE FOR LEARNING WINDOWS 10 VISUALLY IN 1 QUICK WEEK! Learn Windows 10 visually with step-by-step instructions and expert advice from a Microsoft trainer! This handy guide to Windows 10 is perfect for beginners who have just started using the operating system and for users who have upgraded from earlier versions of Windows. Learn Windows 10 in 1 Week is designed to be read in seven sessions, whether those sessions occur over different or consecutive days is entirely up to you. The early sessions are designed to be the most basic and are meant to get you thinking about Windows 10 and what your options are. The later sessions explore key features and options of the operating system. In all, the seven sessions provide guidance on performing nearly 100 fundamental tasks. Concise, Plain Language – This book is divided into sessions, each with multiple lessons. Each session has clear goals and objectives and is kept concise so that you can follow along without getting overwhelmed. Step-by-Step Instructions – This book teaches you essential Windows tasks with step-by-step instructions using screen-shot-based tutorials with clear callouts so you can take advantage of everything Windows 10 has to offer. Zeroes in on What’s New – This book zeroes in on what’s new and changed so you can quickly get up to speed with the new Windows, providing expert guidance so you can get the most out of each feature. Tips & Expert Advice – This book is written by a Windows expert who has extensive experience training users on how to use the operating system. Inside you’ll find a wealth of tips and advice. This short guide isn’t meant to be all inclusive. It is, however, meant to make your transition to Windows 10 a positive experience. If you are a visual learner, you’ll be happy to know you can use this guide to get going quickly. Paced right and with plain-English instruction, this is the book you need to get the most out of the latest Windows offering. Table of Contents Day 1. Ready. Set. Go Windows 10 9 What’s In This Book… 11 Meet the New Windows 13 Apps That Go Where You Go 16 Settings That Go Where You Go 19 Virtual Assistance When You Need It 20 Streamlined Browsing with Microsoft Edge 23 Windows 10 Editions 26 Where to Next… 32 Day 2. Windows 10 Jump Start 37 Getting Signed In 38 Exploring the New Desktop 41 Exploring the New Start 43 Exploring the Tablet Screen 46 Using Multiple Desktops 49 Searching Windows & the Web 51 Locking Your Screen 54 Signing Out & Switching Users 56 Day 3. Staying Connected with Windows 10 61 Using Phone Companion 62 Managing System Time 66 Configuring Cortana 69 Using Cortana 71 Putting Windows to Sleep 74 Restarting or Shutting Down Windows 76 Connecting to the World 78 Checking & Conserving Your Battery 81 Day 4. Connecting Your Account 87 Do I Have a Connected Account… 88 Switching to a Microsoft Account 90 Connecting Your Existing Account 92 Configuring a New Account 95 Verifying Your Account 98 Syncing Your Settings 102 Enabling Device Location 104 Day 5. Getting and Using Apps 109 Getting Apps, Games & More 110 Starting Apps & Games 112 Working with App Menus 114 Switching Between Apps 116 Arranging Apps 118 Pinning Apps 120 Adding Apps to the Lock Screen 123 Moving Apps Between Desktops 128 MUCH, MUCH MORE IN DAY 6 AND 7 TOO!

Author: Bob Roberts

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