Learning PowerShell DSC – Second Edition

Key FeaturesCreate flexible and maintainable deployments using DSC configuration scripts that stand the test of time.Explore the in depth details of the core architecture, concepts, and practices.PowerShell DSC is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to start using and taking advantage of PowerShell DSC along with configuring and deploying applications.Book DescriptionThe main goal of this book is to teach you how to configure, deploy and manage your system using the new features of PowerShell v5/v6 DSC.This book will begin with the basics of PowerShell Desired State Configuration, covering the architecture and components of DSC. It will familiarize you to the set of Windows PowerShell language extensions and new Windows PowerShell commands the comprise DSC. Then it will help you to create DSC custom resources and working with DSC configurations with the help of practical examples. Finally it will describe how to deploy a configuration data using PowerShell DSC.Throughout this book we will be focusing on concepts such as building configurations with parameters, local configuration manager, testing and restoring configuration using PowerShell DSC.By the end of the book, you will be able to deploy a real world application end to end and will have better knowledge about the powerful Desired State Configuration platform, which helps you to achieve continuous delivery, and efficient management and easy deployment of data for systems.What you will learnExplore the PowerShell Desired State Configuration and activities around it including need of configuration management and abstraction.Create reusable DSC Configurations along with debugging and troubleshooting configuration files.Learn about PowerShell DSC Architecture with the help of Push and Pull Management and Workflow.Define DSC configuration Script and Data files and Push DSC configuration files remotely and locally.Validate DSC Pull Server install and register target nodes with a DSC Pull Server.Learn about DSC Cross Platform and install PowerShell on linux and macOS along with a real Life DSC Usage and different types of deployments.About the AuthorJames Pogran has been working with computers in some form or fashion for over 15 years. His first job was systems administration for a large military installation. He then moved on to develop monitoring software and automate large scale Windows environments for a major managed services provider. He is currently a software engineer at Puppet Labs where he helps to make Windows automation even better with Puppet.

Author: James Pogran

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