Managing Profitability Using Microsoft Project 2013: A Project Manager’s Guide to Measuring and Controlling Revenue-Generating Projects

Book updated August 22, 2015. Format for IOS devices updated 3/6/16. Managing a revenue-generating project is exceedingly challenging, and when issues occur; they can negatively impact a team’s ability to deliver the promised results. Profits are diminished along with the client’s faith in your product or service. Regardless of the type of revenue-generating project you currently manage, unexpected problems quickly eat up your profits, and in some cases, cause you to lose money. Managing Profitability Using Microsoft® Project 2013 specifically focuses on profitability issues, a methodology and system for resolving complex project challenges, and instructions for setting up and using a profitability tool with Microsoft Project 2013. You will learn how to:Measure and track profitability from within the project plan.Set up a time and material project plan. Set up a fixed price project plan. Configure Microsoft Project 2013 to use the Profitability Report Template.Find and fix hidden project problems and trends causing profit losses.By purchasing this book (printed or ebook format), you will receive a complimentary Profitability Report Template upon request that works with Microsoft Project 2013 offerings.Book endorsements:“While winning and working large projects can be rewarding, delivering a commensurately large profit on those projects is a trick many consulting firms have yet to master. Fortunately, Managing Profitability delves into the details of generating bottom-line dollars on every project. Harrell astutely notes that profit is a lagging indicator; by the time you’ve measured it, the project is done! Therefore, savvy consultants will employ the tools and techniques detailed in this book to guide their projects to lucrative margins from start to finish.”—David A. Fields, best-selling author of The Executive’s Guide to Consultants “A candid look at how organizational issues can impact the profitability of your revenue projects. Susan Harrell provides a useful method for monitoring revenue-generating projects and addressing problems that impact revenue. At last, there is a way to measure and control projects within Microsoft’s Project 2013 solutions.”—D. Stone-Marks, MA, Managing Principal at Marks Matters, LLC

Author: Susan Harrell

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