Maran Illustrated Windows 7 Guided Tour

MARAN ILLUSTRATED WINDOWS 7 GUIDED TOUR is an excellent guide for Windows users of all skill levels and ideal for any visual learner who prefers seeing what to do rather than reading lengthy explanations. Like all MARAN GUIDED TOUR titles, this book features our well-known disk character that walks you through each task and operation step-by-step. Using clear, concise instructions accompanied by hundreds of full-color screen shots, MARAN ILLUSTRATED WINDOWS 7 GUIDED TOUR is the fastest and easiest way to get started and get up to speed with Windows 7. You'll learn all the new and improved Windows 7 features such as Snap which allows you to arrange two windows side-by-side, Windows Search which enables you to search in Windows the same way you do on the internet, Jump Lists that keep the files, photos, or websites you use most often within easy, two-click access, and Windows Live Moviemaker, the powerful and simple way to turn photos and videos in to great looking movies. You have the option of reading the book cover to cover, or simply reading the individual topics they are interested in. Learning Windows has never been this easy. Maran Illustrated Windows 7 Guided Tour Sample Pages (Click on an image to download a PDF)

Author: Ruth Maran

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