Master PowerShell Tricks (Volume) (Volume 3)

North American MVPDays Community Roadshow The purpose of this book is to showcase the amazing expertise of our guest speakers at the North American MVPDays Community Roadshow. They have so much passion, expertise, and expert knowledge that it only seemed fitting to write it down in a book. Anyone that has an interest in technology, is eager to learn, and wants to meet other like-minded individuals. This Roadshow is not just for Microsoft MVP’s it is for anyone in the IT Community. Make sure you check out the MVPDays website at: You never know maybe the roadshow will be coming to a city near you. The goal of this particular book is to give you some amazing Master PowerShell tips from the experts you come to see in person at the MVPDays Roadshow. Each chapter is broken down into a unique tip and we really hope you find some immense value in what we have written. Chapter 1 - Using PowerShell to Download Drivers via FTP Chapter 2-Using PowerShell to Download Videos from Channel 9 Chapter 3-Snapshot Management of VMware with PowerShell Chapter 4-Setting SQL Server Memory Allocation (Maximum and Minimum) Chapter 5-Using PowerShell to Add a Direct Member to an SCCM Collection Chapter 6-Using PowerShell to Manage the Datadog Cloud Service Chapter 7-Using PowerShell to Update the .Default and All User Profiles Registry Chapter 8-Working with PowerShell Active Directory Module as a Non-Privileged User Chapter 9-Using PowerShell to Split a String Without Losing the Character You Split On Chapter 10-What's the difference between -split and .split() in PowerShell? Chapter 11-PowerShell Rules for Format-Table and Format-List Chapter 12-The Difference Between Get-Member and .GetType() in PowerShell Chapter 13-Dynamically Create Preset Tests for PowerShell Chapter 14-Piping PowerShell Output into Bash Chapter 15-How to List All the Shares on a Server using PowerShell Chapter 16-Get a ServiceNow User Using PowerShell Chapter 17-Add a Work Note to a ServiceNow Incident with PowerShell Chapter 18-Use PowerShell to see how many items are in a Directory Chapter 19-Add a Column to a CSV using PowerShell Chapter 20-Diagnosing slow PowerShell Load Times Chapter 21-Use Test-NetConnection in PowerShell to see if a Port is Open Chapter 22-Use PowerShell to find out How Long it is until Christmas Chapter 23-Use PowerShell to Figure out “What day of the week” x number of days from now Chapter 24-Using Get-Member to Explore Objects Chapter 25-Using Select-Object to Explore Objects Chapter 26-Can PowerShell Parameters Belong to Multiple Sets? Chapter 27-Opening an Exchange Online Protection Shell Chapter 28-Import Active Directory Module into Windows PE Chapter 29-Using PowerShell to report on Windows Updates installed during MDT OSD Build Chapter 30-Report on Mapped Drives to understand Cryptolocker Vulnerabilities with SCCM and PowerShell Chapter 31-Set Windows Features and Verify with PowerShell Chapter 32-Uninstall an Application by Name with PowerShell Chapter 33-Azure Automatic Account Creation and Adding Modules using PowerShell Chapter 34-Configuring Azure Automation Runbooks and Understanding Webhook Data using PowerShell Chapter 35-Utilizing Webhook Data in Functions and Validate Results using PowerShell Chapter 36-Adding Configuration to your Azure Automation Account using Azure DSC Chapter 37-Onboarding Automation DSC Endpoints and Reporting Chapter 38-Publishing Configurations and Pushing them with Azure DSC Chapter 39-Testing RDMA Connectivity with PowerShell Chapter 40-Storage Spaces Direct Network Reporting HTML Script for Mellanox Adapters via PowerShell Chapter 41-Using PowerShell and DSC to build out an RDSH Farm from Scratch

Author: Dave Kawula

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