Master Storage Spaces Direct (Volume Book 1)

In this book Master Storage Spaces Direct you will learn about the following topics which will help you complete your very own Microsoft HyperConverged Platform. Chapter 1 – Introduces the core concepts of HyperConverged InfrastructureChapter 2 – Walks through a deep dive on Storage Spaces Direct and all of it’s componentsChapter 3 – Is a primer on Windows Server 2016 Clustering. This chapter is especially important as the Window Failover Clustering Services are what provide the high available for Storage Spaces Direct.Chapter 4 – Networking is the key backbone to any infrastructure and in this chapter we will dive into the new technologies added in Windows Server 2016 that are relevant to Storage Spaces Direct.Chapter 5 – In this chapter we will build and configure a 2-node Storage Spaces Direct Cluster using physical hardware.Chapter 6 – Stress testing is an important step required to validate any environment. In this chapter, we will learn about VMFleet from Microsoft and how it can be used perform these stress tests.Chapter 7 – Now that we have built out a physical Storage Spaces Direct cluster it is time to do it in a Nested Hyper-V environment. We have included as a bonus to this book a script that will deploy your lab with a 16 node Storage Spaces Direct Cluster.Chapter 8 – So you have completed your lab and want to start over. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to perform a factory like reset in your lab? Well now you can!It has been brought to you by MVPDays Publishing whom specialize in helping speakers at the MVPDays Community Roadshow expand on their content delivery.

Author: Dave Kawula

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