Mastering Windows Penetration Testing

Key FeaturesUnlock the pain points of identifying vulnerabilities and developing solutions in your system using Kali Linux 2016.2.Learn the art of exploiting 32 and 64 bit Windows kernel drivers.An advance and practical guide that will teach several bypassing techniques, to gain control of your Windows environment.Book DescriptionWindows has always been a go to platform for users around the globe to perform administration or ad-hoc tasks and managing its security has spawned the discipline of IT security.Readers will learn to demonstrate how to perform advanced penetration testing on Windows platform with Kali Linux 2016.2. This book starts with the fundamentals of Kali Linux and how readers can leverage it to pentest the Windows OS. We will then move forward with teaching our readers advanced penetration testing techniques that will help our readers to develop solutions to pentest Windows environment. Later this book will also teach our reader’s the pentesting techniques like precision heap spraying and bypassing EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit). Finally, this book will also cover 64 and 32 bit Windows kernel driver exploitation along with kernel pool exploitation.By the end of this book our readers will be well versed with identifying vulnerabilities within the Windows OS and developing the desired solution for it.What you will learnExploit several common Windows network vulnerabilitiesDebug and reverse-engineer Windows programsExploit 32 and 64 bit Windows kernel drivers.Catch and hold admin rights on the network, and maintain backdoors on the network after your initial testing is done.Attacking Windows Embedded (IoT)

Author: Wolf Halton

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