MDM: Fundamentals, Security and the Modern Desktop: Using Intune, Autopilot and Azure to Manage, Deploy and Secure Windows 10

The first major book on MDM written by Group Policy MVP and renowned expert, Jeremy Moskowitz! With Windows 10, organizations can create a consistent set of configurations across the modern enterprise desktop—for PCs, tablets, and phones—through the common Mobile Device Management (MDM) layer. MDM gives organizations a way to configure settings that achieve their administrative intent without exposing every possible setting. One benefit of MDM is that it enables organizations to apply broader privacy, security, and application management settings through lighter and more efficient tools. MDM also allows organizations to target Internet-connected devices to manage policies without using Group Policy (GP) that requires on-premises domain-joined devices. This makes MDM the best choice for devices that are constantly on the go. With Microsoft making this shift to using Mobile Device Management (MDM), a cloud-based policy-management system, IT professionals need to know how to do similar tasks they do with Group Policy, but now using MDM, with its differences and pitfalls. •    What is MDM (and how is it different than GP) •    Setup Azure AD and MDM Auto-Enrollment •    New PC Rollouts and Remote Refreshes: Autopilot and Configuration Designer •    Enterprise State Roaming and OneDrive Documents Roaming Microsoft Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz teaches you MDM fundamentals, essential troubleshooting techniques, and how to manage your enterprise desktops.

Author: Jeremy Moskowitz

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