Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals MS-900 Exam Guide: Expert tips and techniques to pass the MS-900 certification exam on the first attempt

An up-to-date study guide to help you learn MS-900 exam concepts and objectives and get hands-on with Microsoft 365 essentials Key Features Learn effectively with self-assessment questions, exam tips, and mock tests with detailed explanations Get to grips with Microsoft Office 365 collaboration, mobility, and the support and service lifecycle Understand the considerations and benefits of adopting different types of cloud services Book Description Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals certification demonstrates your foundational knowledge of adopting cloud services and the SaaS model. Exam MS-900 tests your understanding of Microsoft 365 services, components, their implementation, and cloud concepts, along with helping you gain the certification. This exam guide covers the MS-900 exam objectives, with explanations of essential cloud concepts, and also ensures you get hands-on experience of Microsoft 365 services and features. The book is divided into five parts, with each section consisting of chapters that focus on topics such as Microsoft security and compliance policies, pricing and support, and cloud concepts. You will progress through these chapters with the help of real-world scenarios, learning the pros and cons of core Microsoft services such as Microsoft Windows, SharePoint, Office, Teams, and Exchange. Gradually, you'll learn how to form strategies for migrating from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, and how to improve the enterprise mobility and information security of your organization. Finally, you can test your knowledge with mock tests, and even explore the exam format to prepare effectively. By the end of this book, you'll be well-versed with the concepts you need to know to pass the MS-900 certification exam and have the skills to work effectively with Microsoft 365 services. What you will learn Gain insights into the exam objectives, test scenarios, and knowledge required before taking the MS-900 exam Understand the cloud services and SaaS models available in the Microsoft ecosystem Identify Windows deployment considerations using the Admin Center and User Portal experiences Implement enterprise mobility, device management, and application management within your organization Explore the reporting and analytics capabilities of Microsoft 365 Discover various features of Azure Active Directory and other Microsoft 365 security tools Who this book is for This book is for beginners as well as experienced administrators and individuals who want to pass the MS-900 exam and achieve Microsoft 365 certification. Basic knowledge of Microsoft services and cloud concepts is assumed to get started.Table of Contents Introduction to Cloud Computing Cloud Deployment Models and Cloud Services Core Microsoft 365 Components Comparing Core Services in Microsoft 365 Understanding the Concepts of Modern Management Understanding Office 365 ProPlus Understanding Collaboration and Mobility Microsoft 365 Analytics Understanding Security and Compliance Concepts Understanding Identity Protection and Management Endpoint and Security Management Service Trust Portal and Compliance Manager Licensing Options in Microsoft 365 Planning, Predicting, and Comparing Pricing Support Offerings for Microsoft 365 Services Service Life Cycle in Microsoft 365

Author: Aaron Guilmette

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