Microsoft Azure Security Infrastructure

Cloud computing offers compelling benefits, but many companies remain concerned about security and compliance in environments they don't physically control. In response, Microsoft has introduced comprehensive tools for enforcing, managing, and verifying robust security on its Azure cloud platform. In Azure Security Infrastructure, two leading experts show how to plan, deploy, and operate Microsoft Azure at the highest levels of control, security, and compliance.   Yuri Diogenes and Dr. Thomas Shinder help you prepare your infrastructure with Microsoft's integrated tools, pre-built templates, and managed services -- and use these to quickly build and safely manage any enterprise, mobile, Web, or Internet of Things (IoT) system.   You'll walk through protecting your cloud environment at the physical, network, host, application, and data layers, so all your online services are resilient to attack. The authors guide you through implementing and continuously improving security-aware deployment, operational management, and threat mitigation practices, to protect all your services and data in the cloud.

Author: Yuri Diogenes

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