Microsoft Edge: A Beginner’s Guide to the Windows 10 Browser

Microsoft edge is the new web browser designed and unveiled by Microsoft in January of 2015 and first released to the public in March of the same year. Developed under the codename ‘Project Spartan’, Microsoft Edge is expected to replace the current Internet Explorer and serve as the default web browser for smart devices, such as PCs, tablets and phones that sport the new Windows 10. Users of the current internet explorer have been reassured, that due to the need to maintain compatibility with older model devices, that browser will be stay in production. Despite its relatively new status on the market, the reviews on its performance and on user expectations are widespread. Reviews include improved performance of JavaScript as well as improved speed when compared to current browsers on the market. Other positive reviews on the product include the ability to write on pages, locate items on the web with improved speed and to enjoy a site with minimized advertisements.

Author: Steve Markelo

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