Microsoft Excel 2013 A Beginner’s Guide

Microsoft Excel 2013 A Beginner's Guide This is a tutorial for Microsoft Excel that was designed for people who are beginners – those who will work using Excel for the very first time and are unfamiliar with the commands in Excel. If you’ve used Microsoft Word before (what’s the chance that you have not?) Microsoft Excel works almost the same way, except, it’s way cooler because of all the things you can do with it to make your lists and records well organized. You need to keep a lot of records for your home or business. You need them neatly stored. Those are good reasons to use Microsoft Excel. But there’s more good reasons to use it and to know how to use it well. Microsoft Excel makes your presentations astounding! You won’t need to present readers (like your boss or your clients) with just bare lines, grids and cells. You can make all sorts of charts and you can customize your spreadsheets to make it easy to read, easy to understand and most of all, easy to create. Buy your copy today! Sign up to the newsletter You will get access to several FREE ebooks and special DEALS every month! Copy and paste

Author: Greg Smith

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