Microsoft Excel Basic Macros: Plain, Simple but Practical Visual Basic (VBA) (Learn Excel Visually Journey Book 5)

Intrigued by the world of Excel macros?Let me open the door for you, just a little!In this ebook I want to give you some of the VBA basics which will help you to understand, read and use VBA code. I will give you some examples of how to create and run simple but useful code which you can implement immediately; you need no prior knowledge of programming, just a sound understanding of Excel.VBA is a hugely powerful and complex environment. I want to give you the tools and confidence to do some basic coding to help you automate tasks. We will work with simple clear code. What I don’t do in this ebook is make you a VBA expert – nor do I encourage you to become one unless that’s something you have a deep desire to be. If you do want to be a VBA expert, then this ebook may give you some good foundations and code to get you going – but you’re going to need much more.The ebook is split into bit-sized chunks:- We start with some Excel VBA foundations and write our first procedure.- Then we move onto a bit more terminology and some useful one-liners in order to get you familiar with the code.- The main bulk of the ebook is simple but useful VBA code which you can test or implement straight-away. - Finally I show you how to record and tweak an Excel macro and then leave you with some hints and tips which will help you on your journey.I purposefully don’t give you a workbook with this ebook. The best way to learn code is to write it from scratch - I promise! We only work with simple code so it is quick to recreate.Is this ebook right for you? Will it give you the Excel help you need? Take a glimpse inside the first few pages - if you like what you see, then go ahead and buy!

Author: Diane Griffiths

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