Microsoft Office 365 2017 for Mac: An Easy Guide for Beginners

Microsoft has released another update to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of programs. This latest update for the Office suite is designed, as the initial versions, to meet the needs of Mac users in the professional, home or school spheres. Consequently, it has received rave reviews for its attention to the demands of the market. The updated Suite of programs include Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook. This update is an enhanced version of the model released in July 2015 for the OS X software. Microsoft PowerPoint in this version boasts an improved user interface, provides users with new and modern animation panes, Collaboration and the Threaded Comments feature that enables seamless integration of notations, pointers and slides. Microsoft Excel is designed to be compatible with the basic keyboard shortcuts. It also boasts features that include Analysis Toolpak and Pivot Table; both ideal for efficient analytical functions and filters.

Author: Michael Galeso

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