Microsoft Outlook Shortcut Reference: Over 345 Rarely Known and Used Outlook Shortcuts

As a user of Microsoft Outlook, which is a leading email and collaboration tool from Microsoft, you would already be aware that Microsoft office application and most of such office applications requires extensive use of keyboard. However, it is very annoying to take your hands off the keyboard and to perform a few operations such as checking new emails, inserting attachments, sending email, and so on. Moreover, if you need to work on a large number of emails it could be at times, a very frustrating experience. Microsoft Outlook 2010 alone has more than 300 shortcut key sequences defined that are rarely known and hence hardly used. It would not be an exaggeration to state that not more than 5% of outlook users know the application well enough. This reference guide contains all the shortcuts discovered, which may or may not have been documented. Knowing and using these shortcuts can make you a pro Outlook user beyond all doubts.I would like to state it categorically here that, to use the Microsoft Outlook application it is not at a requirement to know any particular shortcut key. The application has been designed beautifully to help you easily navigate the application without any knowledge. However, if you do not know the computer shortcuts and/or do not to use shortcuts you may not be able to work at the same speed and accuracy as another user who knows and uses shortcut keys.

Author: Sush Dub

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