Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts For Macintosh (Shortcut Matters)

Handle your presentations professionally.Using mouse for your presentations in PowerPoint is okay because your audience will still understand every aspect of your presentation, but if you must be outstanding in that field, you must do something beyond “Okay” because some people are tied of settling for just “Okay” they want something greater. One of the ways to give them a better experience is to use keyboard shortcuts to do things that makes them ask “What kind of magic is that guy performing?” Make them curious. Then they will place you above any other presenter they know. Are you ready?In this book, you will find keyboard shortcuts for the following tasks.Read before you begin, Knowing About Mac and PowerPoint 2016, 15 Most Important Keyboard Shortcuts, Editing text and objects, Moving around in text, Working with objects, Presentations, Changing views, Selecting text, Slide shows, Working in tables, and Windows and dialog boxes. Change your style and begin to get more productive results in PowerPoint.

Author: U. C-Abel Books

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