Microsoft Project Server 2013: Resources & Security (Orange Pages)

Microsoft Project Server 2013 is a landmark release for a number of reasons, first, because it ascends into the Microsoft cloud and secondly because it re-introduces accessibility for smaller organizations with a cloud-based offering; but also by pushing more intelligent project management tools into SharePoint. MSProjectExperts continues to be the leading provider of books, training and consulting services for the Microsoft Project community. The Orange Pages is an exciting release for us because it takes the best of our Implementing and Administering Project Server 2013 book and provides targeted content specific to your needs. This Orange Pages release, Resources & Security, focuses on Modules 09 through 13 from our Implementing and Administering book so you can focus solely on building and managing the Enterprise Resource Pool, time and task tracking, Project Server security, and building the project environment.

Author: Gary Chefetz

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