Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows (Shortcut Matters)

This browser-based collaboration and document management platform developed by Microsoft Corporation can be made livelier by a user depending on the person’s level of acquaintanceship with the platform. You have to liven up yours so that people around you can ask you “how come?” To achieve this, you have to learn to use keyboard shortcuts for your SharePoint. A brief preview of the content of this book. Learn the basics of mousing and using keyboard shortcuts. Know more about your keyboard. Become familiar with the 15 special keyboard shortcuts every computer user should know. Keyboard Shortcuts for All Pages. Keyboard Shortcuts to use when Editing Rich Text. Keyboard Shortcuts for List or Library Page. Use Keyboard Shortcuts for Survey Page. Learn to ask for Help in Publisher using Keyboard Shortcuts. Plus many more waiting for you. Make things to start happening in SharePoint now.

Author: U. C-Abel Books

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