Microsoft Word 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts For Macintosh (Shortcut Matters)

Do more in Microsoft Word using keyboard shortcuts.Ms. Word, a word processing program that is known by almost every computer operator is an easy to use program designed for those who do word processing. It has many features that make word processing easy, especially the 2016 version. We want you to take your word processing to a new level using keyboard shortcuts.Keyboard shortcuts that are listed in this book will fight against Repetitive Syndrome Injury and make you compute in a safer, faster and more productive wayThis book will teach you how to use keyboard shortcuts to be execute tasks in Microsoft Word.A summarized preview of the content.Just before you begin Knowing About Mac and Word 201615 Most Important Keyboard ShortcutsCreate or delete a keyboard shortcut in Word 2016 for Mac.Get started with Word 2016 for Mac. Move the cursor. Select text and graphics. Select text and graphics in a table. Extend a selection.Edit text and graphics.Align and format paragraphs. Set line spacing.Format characters.Insert special characters.Work with fields.Outline a document. Review a document.Print a document.Move around in a table.Resize table columns by using the ruler. Resize table columns directly in a table. Insert paragraphs and tab characters in a table. Use data merge.Use footnotes and endnotes. Forget the familiarity that exists between you and Microsoft Word and start doing well in it. Click “Buy” now.

Author: U. C-Abel Books

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