Microsoft Word Mail Merge The Step-By-Step Guide

Master Mail Merge in just a few short hours! Mail Merge is a feature within Microsoft® Word® that allows you to create mass communications in which specific sections can be tailored to individuals or groups. You may utilize existing lists of customer or employee data and can customize the communication medium without having to manually change each correspondence. The Mail Merge feature saves time and reduces the chance of errors occurring when someone must physically type or modify each message. This book is tailored for beginners and will quickly and easily guide you through the Microsoft® Word® Mail Merge functionality. All examples include step-by-step instructions with screenshots demonstrating how to create Mail Merge: Form letters Mailing labels Email messages How to use Excel® as the Data Source to create Mail Merge invoices Imagine the time you'll save by not having to search the internet or help files to learn one of the best features in Microsoft® Word®!

Author: C.J. Benton

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