MS Word Legal — The Strategy Session (Volume 1)

This is the first of my "Teacher Connected Books." I coined the term, "Teacher "Connected" in order to indicate that the connection between you and I does not cease after you purchase the book. I am the teacher and when you finish the book and send me the finished product (the document that is examined within), I will then critique your work by making corrections and suggestions. My years of working all 3 shifts, my experience as a hands-on Coordinator and operator as well as teaching legal since 1983, gives me an inside perspective of what is necessary to work in legal firms. This is a thorough and fun examination of a specific type of legal document (corporate) that you would find in a top-tier law firm. We will examine the document piece by piece and you will then understand the strategy, judgment calls and procedures for completing such a document. We will deal with Multilevel Outlining, Footnoting, Inserts, Financial Tables and a lot more. You will truly learn a lot from this book. Being that I teach MS Word Basic Through Advanced on a weekly bases to people all over the United States, you may wish to become a student of mine at some point if you like my teaching style. I have also thoroughly covered Merge, Fillable Forms and What To Expect on an Hands On MS Word Job Agency Test. You can find those books on Create Space and Kindle.

Author: Louis Ellman

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