Office 365: Moving to the Cloud

Written for the it professional and business owner, this book presents the commercial enterprise and technical perception necessary emigrate your business to the cloud the usage of microsoft office 365. that is a realistic study cloud migration and the use of various technologies to guide that migration. numerous examples of cloud migration with technical migration info are covered.Cloud era is a exceptional opportunity for an company to lessen it prices, and to enhance productivity with accelerated get admission to, simpler management and improved services. those companies that embody the advantages of the cloud will get hold of big rewards in productivity and lower overall cost of ownership over the ones businesses that choose to disregard it.The mission for those charged with enforcing microsoft office 365 is to leverage these benefits with the minimum disruption of their company. this e book affords sensible help in moving your enterprise to the cloud and covers the making plans, migration and the observe on control of the workplace 365 cloud offerings.

Author: Jane Wod

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