Planning and Scheduling Using Microsoft Project 2010 – Updated 2013 Including Revised Workshops

The book is designed for users of earlier versions to upgrade their skills and for new planners to learn the software. It starts with the basics required to create a schedule, through resource planning and on to the more advanced features. A chapter is dedicated to the new functions and it outlines the differences from the earlier versions throughout the book. Microsoft Project 2010 is an extensive software update with many new functions and as a result this is a complete rewrite of the author s previous book. It is designed to teach project management professionals how to use the software in a project environment. This publication was written so it may be used as: 1. A training manual, or 2. A self teach book, or 3. A user guide. The book stays focused on the information required to create and update a schedule with or without resources using Microsoft Project 2010 by: 1. Concentrating on the core functions required to plan and control a project. 2. Keeping the information relevant to each topic in the appropriate chapter. 3. Providing a quick reference at the start of each chapter listing the chapter topics. 4. Providing a comprehensive index of all topics. The book is aimed at: 1. Project managers and schedulers who wish learn the software, however are unable to attend a training course, or require a reference book. 2. Project management companies in industries such as building, construction, oil & gas, software development, government and defence who wish to run their own software training courses or provide their employees a good practical guide to using the software. 3. Training organizations who require a training manual to run their own courses. Training organizations or companies who wish to conduct their own training may have the book tailored to suit their requirements. This may be achieved by removing, reordering or adding content to the book and by writing their own exercises. These books are registered with the Project Management Institute and PMI Registered Education Providers may award Professional Development Units when presenting courses using this material and a PowerPoint slide show is available for this course. Please contact the author to discuss this service.

Author: Paul E Harris

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