PowerPoint for Teachers: Dynamic Presentations and Interactive Classroom Projects (Grades K-12)

PowerPoint for Teachers is written for especially for teachers like you, who want to use PowerPoint in the classroom to enhance your presentations, teach your students how to use the application, and create interactive educational projects. No matter what your level of expertise--just getting started or seasoned pro--PowerPoint for Teachers gives you the step-by-step information you need to introduce PowerPoint into your classroom and offers a great selection of creative projects for your students. PowerPoint for Teachers includes the dos and don'ts for best results and* shows you how to use PowerPoint most effectively for classroom presentations* demonstrates how to use PowerPoint to create interactive applications--including clickable maps, interactive quizzes, and games--all through simple steps, with no programming knowledge needed* offers tips on how best to teach PowerPoint to your students* contains suggestions for creating the most effective presentations and projects for different age groups.In addition, this handy resource includes sample customizable presentations and interactive games and activities that are available for free from the companion website.

Author: Ellen Finkelstein

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