Pro Tools 8 for Mac OS X and Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide

This bestselling reference's visual format and step-by-step, task-based instructions will have readers up and running with Pro Tools in no time. With this release of Pro Tools, Digidesign established its audio recording platform as a serious contender in the music creation market, with a long list of enhanced capabilities for the home studio. In this edition, readers will learn how to use new features in Pro Tools 8, including automation lanes, track comping, MIDI and Score editors, notation, and more.Musician and producer Tom Dambly has been an audio consultant and music technology writer for over ten years and has written product documentation and training materials for seven major releases of Pro Tools. Readers will benefit from his clear instructions that cover everything from creating a session and recording to editing, mixing, and final delivery.

Author: Tom Dambly

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