Professional Microsoft Search: FAST Search, SharePoint Search, and Search Server

Use Microsoft's latest search-based technology-FAST search-to plan, customize, and deploy your search solution FAST is Microsoft's latest intelligent search-based technology that boasts robustness and an ability to integrate business intelligence with Search. This in-depth guide provides you with advanced coverage on FAST search and shows you how to use it to plan, customize, and deploy your search solution, with an emphasis on SharePoint 2010 and Internet-based search solutions. With a particular appeal for anyone responsible for implementing and managing enterprise search, this book presents the key features and functions that are available with FAST search. Real-world examples show you how the technology works and the author team of experts demonstrates how FAST can be used to solve key challenges in the Enterprise. FAST search is Microsoft's latest search-based technology that enables large companies to filter through enormous amounts of data to find very specific pieces of information Reviews the key features and functions of FAST and provides examples of how FAST can be used to solve common challenges you may face Covers Enterprise Search and the Microsoft search product line, SharePoint-focused Enterprise search, and FAST search for Internet business Demonstrates how to implement and manage an enterprise system with FAST search Addresses the future of Enterprise search and the role FAST search will play Don't waste any time! This book will help you act fast so you can get started implementing FAST search today.

Author: Mark Bennett

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