Programming for the Internet of Things: Using Windows 10 IoT Core and Azure IoT Suite (Developer Reference)

Microsoft's new Internet of Things (IoT) technologies enable you to build and program custom devices with virtually any functionality you can imagine. Programming for the Internet of Things guides you step-by-step to mastery, helping you take full advantage of Windows 10 IoT Core, Azure IoT Suite, and all related elements of Microsoft's IoT solution.   Written by a leading embedded programmer and Microsoft technology expert, this guide covers both the essentials of device programming and the specific C# techniques you'll need to build and operate virtually any device or robot.   Dawid Borycki first explains how embedded programming differs from desktop, web, and mobile app programming. Next, he covers intermediate features such as reading data from sensors (e.g., temperature, humidity, acceleration), and communicating with other devices. He then proceeds to advanced material, including robot vision (image processing) and hearing systems (audio processing), and teaching robots to detect and report abnormal sensor readings. You'll learn how to program relatively simple devices such as distributed detectors -- and also how to program complex robot vision and environment monitoring systems.   Along the way, Borycki shows how to make the most of Windows 10 IoT Core, Universal Windows Platform, C#, C++/CX, XAML, Visual Studio 2015, serial communication (UART, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), AllJoyn connectivity, Microsoft's Azure IoT Suite and Azure Machine Learning cloud solutions, and OpenCV.   All code examples are presented in C#, and Borycki also shows how to interface modern .NET and UWP apps with unmanaged and legacy embedded code via C++/CX.

Author: Dawid Borycki

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