Programming Microsoft Azure Service Fabric (2nd Edition) (Developer Reference)

This book is not only a comprehensive guide for learning Microsoft Azure Service Fabric, but also a catalog of practical design patterns and best practices in Microservices design, implementation and operation. It provides all information the audience need to be successful on the Microsoft Azure Service Fabric platform. Readers will understand how to design and operate successful Microservices applications on Microsoft Azure Service Fabric using proven patterns and best practices.   Microservices is not just an architectural pattern, but also a set of practices of operating scalable and reliable distributed services on Azure. This book provides a comprehensive coverage on DevOps aspects of Service Fabric as well as a variety of common cloud-based services Service Fabric interacts with. It also covers generic service integration mechanisms such as messaging systems, reactive systems as well as Open Service Broker (OSB) APIs.

Author: Haishi Bai

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