Programming Windows 10 Via UWP (Complete Chpt 1-15): Learn to program Universal Windows Apps for the desktop (Programming Win10)

Program Win10 Series - Complete EditionContains all 15 chapters (1 - 15) of Parts 1 & 2 of Programming Windows 10 Via UWPAll source code is available at Github at For some reason Amazon is reporting this book to be over 1,000 pages long.  That is incorrect but I cannot change it.  This book is about 400 pages long (each part in the series is about 200 pages).I have written this book to lead readers into the story of creating apps for the Windows 10 Desktop.This book contains a complete flow so that you can pick it up, read through it and see all the screenshots that you will experience when you begin developing your own Windows 10 app. This book brings the reader into the story of developing Win10 apps and allows the reader to peek inside the head of a developer as he creates complete Win10 apps.How will this book work?Programming Windows 10 For Beginners (and Advanced devs)There are two ways you can learn to program computers:Read a long book that tells you all about the history of programming and lists all the things you can do.Start building projects. Begin at the beginning and go on from there.Programming Windows 10 (PW10) will use the second method to teach. This method makes learning faster and here's why.Read Entire Fish EncyclopediaThe first method is similar to reading the entire Fish Encyclopedia so you can know how to catch a fish. Sure, there's a lot of information in the encyclopedia that may be helpful, but perhaps you first want to decide if you even like fishing.Start FishingThe second method gets you fishing so you can feel what it's like to collect bait, put the bait on a hook, cast your line, wait, not catch a fish, and finally (hopefully) catch a fish.There Are Things You Won't KnowUsing the second method, there are a lot of things that you won't know as you fish. But, those things only matter if you decide to continue fishing.So, as long as you feel comfortable not knowing some things at first, you will like the way this book teaches Windows programming.Try It, Learn ItIn this book we try it and then we learn it. We build it first and see it work and then we figure out how it works and why it behaves the way it does.Which Is More Memorable?The try it learn it method is more fun and ends up being more memorable too. Which do you think you would remember more?Reading the Encyclopedia of FishGoing on a fishing trip.Right. Going on the fishing trip is a whole lot more fun, a better way to learn and more memorable.What Is the Focus of Programming Windows 10?My focus here is on creating UWAs (Universal Windows Apps) with a focus on creating apps for the Windows 10 desktop. Yes, the dream is to develop an app and deploy it to any type of device (PC, laptop, pad (Surface), phone or whatever). However, the focus here in this book is creating desktop apps that will keep those other platforms in mind but not focus directly on them.

Author: Roger Deutsch

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