Project 2013 In Depth

Do more in less time!   This book’s packed with intensely useful Project 2013 knowledge, tips, and shortcuts you just won’t find anywhere else. It’s the fastest, best way to master every phase of project management with Project 2013: initiation, planning, scheduling, resource assignments, tracking, revision, completion, and more. You’ll get comfortable with Project 2013’s most valuable new features…master powerful new cloud-based tools for running your projects…even learn to manage complex project portfolios for your entire organization!   •    Discover what’s new in Project 2013 and get started with new projects fast •    Apply project management best practices through Project 2013 •    Initiate, plan, and organize projects to maximize your odds of success •    Create realistic schedules for your project and all your team members •    Define task logic to intelligently link sequences of activities •    Identify and eliminate bottlenecks before they interfere with your project •    Use Project’s automated scheduling engine to optimize efficiency •    Review and tweak your schedule using views, tables, filters, and groups •    Track your project’s progress and analyze your performance to date •    Adjust resources, tasks, and schedules to reflect project changes •    Officially close your project, and evaluate it via Lessons Learned analyses or Earned Value tracking •    Tailor Project 2013 to your individual and organizational needs •    Leverage Project 2013’s powerful cloud-based collaboration features •    Customize reports, including Project 2013’s advanced Visual Reports •    Work with multiple projects at once and resolve complex resource allocation problems •    Integrate Project 2013 with other Microsoft Office and third-party applications All In Depth books offer •    Comprehensive coverage with detailed solutions •    Troubleshooting help for tough problems you can’t fix on your own •    Outstanding authors recognized worldwide for their expertise and teaching style   Learning, reference, problem-solving...the only Project 2013 book you need!  

Author: Scott Daley

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