Puppet Best Practices

If you're already up to speed on Puppet and know how to write a basic module, this practical book takes you a critical step further with best practices for building out your Puppet infrastructure. You’ll learn how to avoid pitfalls that often leave many teams struggling to maintain what they already have.Ideal for DevOps engineers—and written to cover the upcoming Puppet 4 release—this book shows you how best to deploy Puppet with long-term maintenance and future growth in mind. This book clearly picks up where other Puppet resources leave off.Leverage the main components of Puppet, including Hiera, roles and profiles, site.pp, modules, and external node classifiersExplore the purpose of each Puppet component and understand how it fits into the bigger pictureAvoid common ways that Puppet components are abusedBuild a release management and deployment process using Git and R10kLearn about module design patterns, as well as sub-classes, resource relationships, containment, defined types, and scopeApply development best practices, including the Single Responsibility Principle, Don’t Repeat Yourself, and Separation of Concerns

Author: Chris Barbour

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