SharePoint 2007 and 2010 Customization for the Site Owner

Finally a book for the Site Owner! There are many books for administrators, developers, designers and end users, but few for the site owner. This one is for you, the SharePoint site owner and the SharePoint power user. It's also for the developer who does not want to "reinvent the wheel" and create a complex solution when a simpler one is available. It's for the SharePoint administrator who is always asked to do the impossible! This is not a branding book, but everything here can be used as part of your site design. Customization you can do! This book is designed to get you started in customizing your SharePoint site with the tools you have readily at hand. This book has complete copy and paste solutions, and it also shows how each solution was crafted and how it works. After working through a few of the customizations and picking up some basic skills, you can start to figure out how SharePoint has been put together and start creating your own customizations. Everything in this book can be done by a Site Owner or a Site Collection Administrator. Nothing in this book requires the deployment of files to the SharePoint web servers. Nothing in this book requires programming skills or Visual Studio (but additional skills and tools are always good). All of the examples can be duplicated using only web parts, SharePoint Designer, and copy and paste from the book's web site. This is not a branding book, it's all about improving the SharePoint user experience. While you can duplicate all of the examples using the step by step instructions, the book also explains how and why each one works. The book also includes "getting started" chapters on JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Web Parts and SharePoint Designer. This book has a supporting web site! There you will find all of the source code, a place to ask questions, samples of many of the web parts in a SharePoint site, along with any new additions. A few of the over 75 customizations and tricks you will find inside: Color coded calendars and task lists Replace your home page and web part zones How the change the site title text: font, color and size, or hide it altogether How to add a copyright message, or any general header and footer to every page Add, remove, move and resize web part zones Customize Quick Launch and the Tree View Create views that can group by more than two columns Change a web part's "Add new" and "No items" messages Hide standard menu options such as "Upload Multiple" and "Windows Explorer" Customize the calendar to add color or to strike out canceled events Highlight past due tasks in a task list Add "open in new window" to the Links list web part Create a random picture web part Create custom dropdown Top Link bar menus and many more!

Author: Michael T Smith

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