SharePoint 2010 Security for the Site Owner: and for Administrators and Developers!

Finally a SharePoint security book for the Site Owner! There are many books for administrators, but few for the Site Owner. This one is for you, the SharePoint Site Collection Administrator, Site Owner and the SharePoint power user. It's also for the developer and the server administrator who needs to understand SharePoint security. When talking about software security there are two distinct topics: authentication and authorization. Server administrators take care of authentication (the “who are you”) while SharePoint Site Owners take care of authorization (the “what are you allowed to do”). This book is about authorization. Table of Contents SharePoint Security Fundamentals Security by Obscurity Working with Users and Groups Managing Access Requests Working with Permissions and Permission Levels The 33 Permissions in Detail! Working with Sites, Lists, Libraries, Folders, List Items and Documents Site Collection Security Auditing Security Documenting Your Security SharePoint Designer Security for Developers Security for PowerShell Administrators Security – All the other things to consider Security Related Error Messages

Author: Michael T Smith

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