SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Search Walkthrough Guide

Do you want to learn and understand the features and functionality of Search in SharePoint 2013? Enterprise Search in SharePoint Server 2013 provides an abundance of functionality and search capabilities for your SharePoint environment. It can be very overwhelming when trying to setup, configure, and understand all of the many search features and processes. Therefore, Steve Mann has provided an easy step-by-step guide to walk you through the necessary steps to help facilitate the creation and functionality of your Search Center site. This how-to guide shows you exactly what to do and how to do it! Using this book will help you quickly and easily ramp-up on Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2013.What is this guide all about?This guide was created to visually step you through Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2013. The purpose is to show you exactly what to do and how to do it. Following the book from cover-to-cover will provide you the proper sequence of steps to perform in order to setup and configure your new Search Center (and search experience) as well as quickly ramp-up on the features and functionality available. You'll quickly understand: Search Service Applications Search Center Site Collections Search Web Parts and Navigation Content Sources, Result Sources, and Result Types Display templates and much more! You'll learn how to: Create a Search Service Application Create and Configure a Search Center Modify and customize the Search Navigation Handle PDFs Install and configure Office Web Apps Server Promote Results Sort and Refine Search ResultsIntegrate external dataand much more! "Just show me how to do it!" If you find yourself screaming this while reading technical books, then this book is for you. There are plenty of screenshots and very little text. No individual steps that leave out critical information. Each section clearly shows you what to do and what the results look like.Screenshots, screenshots, screenshotsSince this is a walkthrough, there are tons of screenshots. There is some text before and/or after each screenshot that explains what to do or explains the screen or dialog. The screenshots are not labeled with figure numbers so you don't have to read about steps and then figure out which picture is showing the step. This book was made to step through each screen, setting, dialog, etc. No need to hunt for pictures and guess what the other steps look like - it's all shown here. Companion GuideHaving this book besides you while setting up and configuring SharePoint 2013 Search is just like having an expert sitting there helping you accomplish the tasks and steps.

Author: Steven Mann

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