Technology Across the Curriculum: Microsoft Excel (Volume 1)

This book was written for business-minded students with eclectic tastes. There is the hope that certain exercises, such as the ones covering baseball statistics, a bedroom makeover, and building a dream house will also introduce Excel skills while experiencing “real life” challenges, such as the complexity of local government involvement with buildings and the like. Other sections of this book, such as building a personal budget or pricing out a restaurant menu, are things every young adult needs to understand. The sections on the evolution of music media and recording will hopefully give the reader a general background and understanding that the past twenty years have truly been revolutionary in this area. Things are moving so quickly, perhaps even by the time this book is published, MP3s and Internet downloads might be a thing of the past. Every so often, business leaders complain that there is a lack of ethics training, especially for business majors. The section on the Seven Deadly Sins and Walt Disney movie villains aims to address this question, as does the section on economics and the Federal bureaucracy. It is the author’s hope that this book covers an eclectic array of topics that will compliment the necessary skills in Excel for students to succeed in school, college, and beyond.

Author: Danny A. deBruin

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