The Inside Guide to Windows 10 for Seniors

This book has been written specifically for the older reader who may struggle to get to grips with Windows 10. Accordingly, jargon and computer-speak are kept to the minimum, and explanations are as straightforward as possible. You will learn the basics of the Windows 10 operating system – how it works and how to customize it to suit your requirements and personality. We explain all the various parts of Windows 10, such as the Desktop, Taskbar, and Start Menu, in full detail. You will also learn what can be achieved with Windows 10. This includes browsing the Internet, using hardware devices such as printers, staying in touch with friends and family via email, working with pictures, and entertaining yourself with video and music. The security of your computer is an important issue and we show not just how to keep it safe, but also how to ensure it runs smoothly.

Author: P. A. Stuart

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