The Network Migration Workbook: Zero Downtime Migration Strategies for Windows Networks 2nd Edition

The Network Migration Workbook - 2nd Edition for 2012 - gives you everything you need to migrate a Windows network - with emphasis on the SBS 2011, SBS 2008, and SBS 2003 environments. It won't fit in your back pocket. It's on full letter size paper and it's 536 pages! But it definitely has everything you need. The authors start with a discussion of the entire process so you see the big picture. The authors talk about the scope of work and how critical it is to your internal processes and your relationship with the client. Next, they introduce the pre-discovery process. That means making a list of all the things you need to discover so you really understand the project. After the pre-discovery is complete, you can quote the project. They lay out a process based on 10+ years of SBS Migration experience. The book divides the migration into seven distinct stages. It shows you how to estimate the labor required for each stage. So you can always create a quote that's exactly suited for each client. Those seven stages become seven service requests. You and the client agree on everything. As you finish each stage, you track every minute of every job. ALL work is inside the scope of the project. If it's not inside the scope, then it must be outside the scope. In that case, you create a new service request that's billable. The client agrees because they've bought in from the beginning. Now you've delivered your migration project on time and inside the budget. All other work is outside the scope of the migration project and therefore billable. Don't worry. The authors show you how to complete every piece of this process. Includes Excel spreadsheets with quotes, the wording for the service requests, and click-by-click every keystroke it takes to deliver a migration with zero downtime. This process has been used successfully in network migrations small and large - all around the world - in thousands of networks. Zero Downtime means that all client operations remain "live" while you migrate the servers, desktops, and databases during normal business hours. Because the old system remains completely intact, you can now have stress-free migrations that can be scheduled over time. No more evening and weekend migrations! No more client downtime!

Author: Karl W Palachuk

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